Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! Reports

Available Report Categories

This site provides reports on various aspects of the data recorded in the Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! Stats and Show Details database that don't really fit neatly into the main Stats and Show Details site.


Report Description
Best Of Only Guests A listing of Not My Job guests that have appeared on Best Of shows but not regular shows; due to, appearing on shows that were part of the show's second taping when traveling away from their home base of Chicago, Illinois.
Scoring Exceptions A list of Not My Job guests who have had scoring exceptions that allowed them to win the prize for the listener contestant or were awarded the full three points.
Three Pointers A list of all of the Not My Job guests who answered all three Not My Job questions correctly or were awarded all three points.


Report Description
Average Scores by Location A listing of the average panelist score and average total score for each location the show has broadcasted from. The exception is the 25th Anniversary Special that aired on October 27, 2018 due to the unique Lightning Fill-in-the-Blank format used.


Report Description
Aggregate Scores A break down of general statistics of all total scores and a break down of the number of times a total score has been achieved.
Appearances by Year A pivot table containing a list of panelists and the number of appearances each panelist has made, broken out by year (excluding Best Of and Repeat shows).
Panel Gender Mix A break down of the panel gender mix for each show by year (excluding Best Of, Repeat and special shows).
Panelist vs Panelist A break down of how well each panelist has performed against other panelists based on the ranking on each show.
Win Streaks A listing of the longest outright win streak and the longest win streak that includes both outright wins and draws for each panelist.


Report Description
Scorekeeper Introductions A listing of all of the introductions that Bill Kurtis and other scorekeepers have used when introducing themselves at the start of each show.


Report Description
All Shows A listing of all shows that have been broadcasted, including Best Ofs and Repeats. The list does not include pledge specials or special shows that were not aired in their original form.
Lightning Round Ending in a Three-Way Tie A list of shows in which all three panelists finishing the Lightning Fill-in-the Blank round in a three-way tie.
Lightning Round Starting in a Three-Way Tie A list of shows in which all three panelists starting the Lightning Fill-in-the Blank round in a three-way tie.
Original Shows A listing of each original broadcast show, which excludes: Best Of, Repeats, pledge specials and other special shows that were not broadcast in their entirety.