Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! Reports

Not My Job Guests vs Bluff the Listener Win Ratios

This report compares the rates in which a Not My Job guest wins compared to how often a listener contestant chooses the correct Bluff the Listener story.

For Not My Job guests, a win is considered when a guest answers 2 or more questions correct or when a scorekeeper grants an exception. The report also takes into account Not My Job guests that were only included in Best Of shows.

As with Not My Job guests who have only been included in Best Of shows, certain Best Of shows also include unique Bluff the Listener segments. Both usually come from shows where Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! travels and records a second show. In those cases, the Bluff the Listener segments usually include a different theme and a different true story from the first show.

Not My Job Guests vs Bluff the Listener
Wins Losses Total Win % Correct Incorrect Total Correct %
770 380 1150 66.95652   753 469 1222 61.62029