Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! Reports


This report provides a list of introductions that Bill Kurtis and other scorekeepers have used at the start of each show.


Andy Richter

Show Date Best Of Repeat Introduction
2024-03-16 False False I'm the illegitimate son of Bill Kurtis
Show Date Best Of Repeat Introduction

Bill Kurtis

Show Date Best Of Repeat Introduction
2012-08-18 False False Legendary Anchorman
2012-09-08 False False Legendary Anchorman
2012-09-15 False False Legendary Anchorman
2013-03-02 False False Legendary Anchorman
2013-03-09 False False Legendary Anchorman
2013-03-23 False False Legendary Anchorman
2013-05-11 False False Legendary Anchorman
2013-05-18 False False Legendary Anchorman
2013-05-25 False False Legendary Anchorman
2013-06-01 False False Legendary Anchorman
2013-06-08 False False Legendary Anchorman
2013-06-15 False False Legendary Anchorman
2013-06-22 False False Legendary Anchorman
2013-06-29 False False Legendary Anchorman
2014-05-24 False False Legendary Anchorman
2014-05-31 False False Legendary Anchorman
2014-06-07 False False Beloved Anchorman
2014-06-14 False False Cuddly Fun Anchorman
2014-06-21 False False Inscrutable Anchorman
2014-06-28 False False Voluptuous Anchorman
2014-07-05 True False Surprisingly Telegenic Anchorman
2014-07-12 False False Awe-Inspiring Anchorman
2014-07-19 False False Tender Loving Anchorman
2014-07-26 False False Carnivorous Anchorman
2014-08-02 False False Totally Huggable Anchorman
2014-08-30 False False Entrancing Anchorman
2014-09-06 False False Smoking Hot
2014-09-13 False False Well-Behaved Anchorman
2014-09-20 False False Fragrant Anchorman
2014-10-04 False False Legendary Anchorman
2014-10-11 True False Vertebrate Anchorman
2014-10-18 False False Simply Gorgeous Anchorman
2014-10-25 False False Heaven-Sent Anchorman
2014-11-01 False False Strange, Enticing, Wierd and Normal Anchorman
2014-11-08 False False Legendary Anchorman
2014-11-15 False False Aerialist and Contortionist Anchorman
2014-11-22 False False Angelic Anchorman
2014-11-29 True False Filled with Cranberry Sauce
2014-12-06 False False Earth's last living centaur
2014-12-13 False False Half-anchor, half-man
2014-12-20 False False All about that bass, about that bass...
2014-12-27 True False Height-weight proportionate
2015-01-03 True False Humbly incredible anchorman
2015-01-10 False False Ruggedly handsome
2015-01-17 False False Legendary Anchorman
2015-01-24 False False Kid-tested, mother approved
2015-01-31 False False A little teapot, short and stout
2015-02-07 False False The ocean's most deadly predator
2015-02-14 False False Adorable Mouseketeer
2015-02-21 True False Manic, pixie, dream girl
2015-02-28 False False Just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her
2015-03-07 False False Anchorman, anchor-myth, anchor-legend
2015-03-14 False False Who Dat?
2015-03-21 False False All beef anchorman
2015-03-28 False False Your mom's favorite anchorman
2015-04-04 False False Legendary Anchorman
2015-04-11 True True Vertebrate Anchorman
2015-04-18 False False Legendary Anchorman
2015-04-25 False False I'm not an anchorman, I'm an anchor man
2015-05-02 False False By the power of Grayskull, I am He-Anchorman
2015-05-09 False False I'm a man, I'm a man, I'm a mighty, mighty anchorman
2015-05-16 False False I'm the only Bill to get unanimous support in both Houses of Congress
2015-05-23 False False I'm the man now dog
2015-05-30 True False Chinese Communist Sleeper Agent
2015-06-06 False False I'm not just man-spreading, I'm Annchorman-spreading
2015-06-13 False False I'm the man American Pharoah rides when he wants to go fast
2015-06-20 False False Anchormen want to be me, Anchorwomen want to be with me
2015-06-27 False False I'm America's only 10 gallon achorman
2015-07-04 True False Legendary Anchorman
2015-07-11 False False Motown Philly, meet Motown Billy
2015-07-18 True False Legendary Anchorman
2015-07-25 False False I'm the man people call 'The Bill of Right'
2015-08-01 False False A healthy part of a complete breakfast
2015-08-08 False False I'm the man so hot President Obama wants to cap and trade me
2015-08-15 False False Forget the kid, I'm Billy the Man
2015-08-22 True False I'm Perennial Time Man of the Year, First Runner Up
2015-08-29 True False I'm American ninja warrior
2015-09-05 False False I'm the anchorman so good they wouldn't let me retire
2015-09-12 False False Anchor - I hardly know her
2015-09-19 False False I'm the only man to make Janet Yellen raise her interest rate
2015-09-26 False False I'm the man whose tail pipe emissions are always exactly as promised
2015-10-03 False False You've heard about Hillary's secret e-mails, I'm Hillary's secret male
2015-10-10 False False You be illin', I be Billin'
2015-10-17 True False I'm the fire in your fireplace
2015-10-24 False False I'm the man who takes depressed Cubs fans out to the Bill game
2015-10-31 False False Hey there Des Moines, I'm da man
2015-11-07 False False I'm the man who gave James Bond his license
2015-11-14 False False I'm the perfect man if you want to Netflix and Bill
2015-11-21 False False I'm the man who will stuff your Thanksgiving turkey
2015-11-28 True False I'm the turkey stuffed with chicken stuffed with... Anchorman
2015-12-05 False False Crack open a cold one, it's Biller Time!
2015-12-12 False False Who needs jingle bells? You've got jingle Bill
2015-12-19 False False Hey Han Solo, climb in me. I'm the Billennium Falcon
2015-12-26 True False Merry Kurtismas
2016-01-02 True False I'm an anchorman, baby
2016-01-09 False False Why play the Powerball when you can play the Power Bill?
2016-01-16 False False Check the mail, you just got your electric Bill
2016-01-23 False False Hey east coast, avoid that winter chill and get some of this winter Bill
2016-01-30 False False I hope you like jazz because I'm about to take you on a Bill-y Holiday
2016-02-06 False False Hey football fans turn off the game, let me be your Super Bill
2016-02-13 False False Come join my secret society, the Billuminati
2016-02-20 True False I'm the anchor real men tattoo on their chest
2016-02-27 False False Hey Gladys Knight, forget about Georgia. Take the midnight train to Bill
2016-03-05 False False Someone's knocking at the door. Someone's ringing the bill
2016-03-12 False False Hey ladies, get your tickets to the Billith Fair
2016-03-19 False False Forget about March Madness, let's play basket-Bill
2016-03-26 False False This is not a drill; it's a Bill
2016-04-02 False False If you mess with the bull, you get the horns. So why not mess with the Bill?
2016-04-09 False False You quiero taco Bill
2016-04-16 False False Hey Milwaukee, I'm taking you on a trip to Billwaukee
2016-04-23 True False I am the anchor that keeps out great ship of state from floating away
2016-04-30 False False I'm the Fresh Prince of Bill-Air
2016-05-07 False False I'm the Mother's Day present your mom really wants
2016-05-14 False False Billy Jean is not your lover, but Billy Kurtis is
2016-05-21 False False I'm the newest member of The Avengers: Anchorman
2016-05-28 False False You're kind of cute, but I'm adora-Bill
2016-06-04 True False Don't just chillax, Billax with me
2016-06-11 False False Hey baby, you hungry? Let me be your umBillical cord
2016-06-18 False False Who needs the London Philharmonic? You've got the Billharmonic
2016-06-25 False False Hey there, daddy. I'm your Billegitimate child
2016-07-02 False False Hey Peter, what did the duck say to the waiter? Put it on my bill
2016-07-09 True False I'm the anchor that only the coolest sailors have tattoed on their chests
2016-07-16 False False Hey baby, I'll start your heart. I'm your defib-Bill-ator
2016-07-23 False False I go all day long, dady. I'm your Billibuster
2016-07-30 False False If you're looking for a TV revival, let me be your Billmore Girls
2016-08-06 False False I'm the only man with a gold medal in anchormanning
2016-08-13 False False I'm flexi-Bill
2016-08-20 True False If your gas tank's empty, it's time to Bill 'er up
2016-08-27 True False Forget Generation X, I'm a Billennial
2016-09-03 False False I'm the only man Tom Brady allows to tamper with his balls
2016-09-10 False False Hey there, Fergie, get a load of Bill-I-Am
2016-09-17 False False I'm America's next top model
2016-09-24 False False Love lift us up where we Bill-ong
2016-10-01 False False Why run with the bulls when you can run with the Bill
2016-10-08 False False Hey there, Neo. Do you want to take the red Bill or the blue Bill?
2016-10-15 True False Hey there, Cat Stevens. I've got tea for the Biller Band.
2016-10-22 False False It's all right, because you're saved by the Bill
2016-10-29 False False Hey Chicago, forget about the Billy Goat. I'm goaty Bill
2016-11-05 False False You're about to be arrested for Billicit activities
2016-11-12 False False America, I know change is hard, but don't curl up into a ball, curl up with a Bill
2016-11-19 False False I'm the Bill that never gets vetoed
2016-11-26 True False Legendary Anchorman
2016-12-03 False False Don't worry about the Constitution, I'll be your Bill of Rights
2016-12-10 False False Pick up the phone, it's a Bill Kurtis-y call
2016-12-17 False False Hey, Nutcracker, let me be your Billerina
2016-12-24 False False Jingle Bills, jingle Bills, jingle I'm
2016-12-31 True False I'm the anchor in the relay team that passes the baton of truth
2017-01-07 True False Forget the yoga, try some Bill-lates
2017-01-14 False False I can tell your future, I'm your Crystal Bill
2017-01-21 False False Hey Donald Trump, put your hand on me. I'm your holy Bi-Bill
2017-01-28 False False A wall can't stop me, I'm a Bill-legal immigrant
2017-02-04 False False Hey Steve Bannon, let me be your Triumph of the Bill
2017-02-18 False False Hey folks, don't get up in my grill, get up in my Bill
2017-02-25 True True I'm the anchor real men tattoo onto their chests
2017-03-04 False False Hey there, Jonathan Safran Foer, everything is Billuminated
2017-03-11 False False I'm the Bill no one wants to repeal and replace
2017-03-18 False False We're cutting your budget by a Bill-ion
2017-03-25 False False I'm no doctor, but I'll be your healthcare Bill
2017-04-01 False False Hey 007, I've got a license to Bill. Kurtis, is the name
2017-04-08 False False You've found your thrill on Blueberry Bill
2017-04-15 True False I'm the anchor who guarantees a gold medal
2017-04-22 False False Don't eat at IKEA, try my Swedish meat-Bills
2017-04-29 False False I hope you're not feeling ill, but I do hope you're feeling Bill
2017-05-06 False False Looking for a fun vacation? Take a trip to the Billapagos Islands
2017-05-13 False False U-tah, me-Bill
2017-05-20 False False I'm not Kendrick Lamar, but sit down, be hum-Bill
2017-05-27 False False It's time for the rose ceremony, and I'm your Bill-achelor
2017-06-03 True False I'm the Bill people hope is waiting in the mailbox
2017-06-10 False False Legendary Anchorman
2017-06-17 False False Good news. For Father's Day, you get an edi-Bill arrangement
2017-06-24 False False I'm the bill Mitch McConnell wants to work in secret
2017-07-01 False False Get a look at my crack, I'm the Liberty Bill
2017-07-08 True False I'm the man beyond your puny power to comprehend. That's right, I'm inconvceiva-Bill
2017-07-15 False False Hey Don Jr., don't collude with Russians. Bill-lude with me!
2017-07-22 False False Hey O.J., now that you're free, come find the real Biller
2017-07-29 False False Hey, there. No matter who you are, you're welcome to serve in the Bill-itary
2017-08-05 False False Hey, Guy Raz, watch how I Bill This
2017-08-12 False False Hey, before the apocalypse starts, let me be your last Bill and testament
2017-08-19 True False I'm a man so pure and honest, they named that quality after me, I'm incorrupti-Bill
2017-08-26 False True I can tell your future, I'm your Crystal Bill
2017-09-02 False False Hey, Maria von Trapp, climb my mountain. And the Bills are alive with the sound of music
2017-09-09 False False Hey, Kim Jong Un, why don't you try and launch me? I'm a Billistic missile
2017-09-16 False False Hey there, Debra Messing, how about a return of "Bill & Grace"
2017-09-23 False False You don't have to speak Tagalog to visit the Bill-ippines
2017-09-30 False False Hey there, ancient Mesopotamians, get ready for the epic of Bill-gamesh
2017-10-07 False False That's right, I'm gazing at Uranus. I'm the Hub-Bill telescope
2017-10-14 True False I'm the breed that seems vicious, but I'm a sweetheart when you get to know me. I'm your pit Bill
2017-10-21 False False Look out Tokyo, here comes God-Billa!
2017-10-28 False False Hey Paul Ryan, no need to debate, I'll be your tax reform Bill
2017-11-04 False False I hope you're hungry, you're about to get a big plate of spaghetti Bill-ignese
2017-11-11 False False I'll take care of that odor, I'm your Bill Kurtis-y flush
2017-11-18 False False Put on your tutu, you're going to the Bill-et
2017-11-25 True False Don't worry folks, I know it looks bad, but it's treata-Bill
2017-12-02 False False Hey Seattle, you be my Donald, I'll be your Bill-ania
2017-12-09 False False Kur-'tis the season
2017-12-16 False False Hark, hear the Bills, sweet silver Bills
2017-12-23 False False Hey there Hillary, it takes a Bill-age
2017-12-30 True False I'm the dignified news anchor with an irresistible bass line. That's right, I'm dancea-Bill
2018-01-06 True False I'm the man with an aim that can be used for any number of comic puns. I'm adapta-Bill
2018-01-13 False False I'm not a stable genius. I'm a genius that's sta-Bill
2018-01-20 False False Hey, Ebbing, Missouri, you don't need three billboards. You just need one Bill Kurtis
2018-01-27 False False Hey, that guacamole is not ready yet. You need some Bill-antro
2018-02-03 False False Hey man, relax! Take a chill-Bill
2018-02-10 False False Hello Nancy Pelosi, if you need a break, let me Bill-ibuster
2018-02-17 False False Say, 'Ahhh'. You're about to get a tonsil-Bill-ectomy
2018-02-24 True False I'm the man whose inner life will always be hidden, no matter how sincere I am. I'm inscruti-Bill
2018-03-03 False False Hey Anthony Kiedes, put a sock on this! I'm a Red Hot Billy Pepper
2018-03-10 False False Wakanda forever! I'm Bill-monger
2018-03-17 False False During Lent, take a bite out of me. I'll be your Bill-et-O-Fish
2018-03-24 False False I don't care about your fancy arts and culture, I'm a Bill-istine
2018-03-31 True False I'm legendary anchorman
2018-04-07 False False March Madness is over and the winner is Bill-anova
2018-04-14 False False I don't dance now, I make money moves. I'm Cardi-Bill
2018-04-28 False False I'm 99.9% effective. I'm the birth-control Bill
2018-05-05 False False I've got thick skin. I'm an arma-Bill-o
2018-05-12 False False Poopity-scoop, scoopity-doop, I'm Bill-ity-boop
2018-05-19 False False Got an infection? Try some Peni-Bill-in
2018-05-26 False False I know you're tired LeBron. Pass the ball to me, I'm LeBill
2018-06-02 True False I'm the guy who rebeled from the two party system and founded my own. I'm the Bill Moose
2018-06-09 False False Come on in, the water's hot. I'm bub-Bill bath
2018-06-16 False False Hey Pixar, put me in your next movie. I'm Incredi-Bill
2018-06-23 False False Getting rid of some old clothes? Take 'em to Good-Bill
2018-06-30 False False I'm just a legendary anchorman looking for his anchor baby
2018-07-07 True False Forget your constitutional protections and just listen to me, I'm the Bill that's right
2018-07-14 False False Hey there, ovaries. How do you like your eggs? I'm your Bill-opian tubes
2018-07-21 False False End the witch hunt. There's no Bill-usion
2018-07-28 False False Cut the cord, I'm your Bill-y button
2018-08-04 False False Climb up on me and work up a sweat. I'll be your tread-Bill
2018-08-11 False False Alright everybody, you're in Bill-ennium Park now
2018-08-18 True False I'm the shirt that doesn't cling too tight. I'm Bill-owy
2018-08-25 True True I'm legendary anchorman
2018-09-01 False False Step aside Schlitz, I'm the Bill that made Milwaukee famous
2018-09-08 False False You're gonna look great; cuz, you're about to get a Bill-icone implant
2018-09-15 False False Hey, Guy Raz, how do you Bill this?
2018-09-22 False False Get over here and shave me. I'm your stub-Bill
2018-09-29 False False Hey there Angelenos, take a right on Sunset Bill-evard
2018-10-06 False False I like Bill. I still like Bill. Sometimes I had too much Bill
2018-10-13 True False I'm a pile of thinly sliced beef covered in Velveeta. That's right. I'm your Billy Cheesesteak
2018-10-20 False False Put your candy in my bucket. It's Bill-oween!
2018-10-27 False False Open up your anniversary card everybody. There's a crisp dollar Bill in there for you
2018-11-03 False False Take off those old clothes. Give them to Good-Bill
2018-11-10 False False Count me, I'm your provisional Bill-ot
2018-11-17 False False Hey there, Donald Duck. Get a load of this Bill
2018-11-24 True False Had enough turkey yet? Gobble gob-Bill
2018-12-01 False False The verdict is in Michael Cohen. You're Bill-ty
2018-12-08 False False Forget Bill de Blasio, I'm Bill de Badassio
2018-12-15 False False Hey there vegetarians, put me on your pun. I'm a porta-Bill-o
2018-12-22 False False Deck the halls with Bills of holly. Fa la la la la, la la la Bill
2018-12-29 True False This New Year's Eve, count to ten and watch the Bill drop
2019-01-05 True False Hey Cast Away Tom Hanks, I'll be your friend. I'm Bill-son!
2019-01-19 False False Sorry Mitch McConnell, nobody blocks this Bill
2019-01-26 False False Bill the wall! Bill the wall! I'm Bill the Kurtis
2019-02-02 False False I'm legendarily cold anchorman, Brrrgh Kurtis
2019-02-09 False False Hey there Georgia, I'll take a bite of your juicy peach
2019-02-16 False False Roses are red, pickles are dill. My last name's Kurtis. My middle name's Danger
2019-02-23 True False I don't know if Beale Street could talk; but, Bill Street can
2019-03-02 False False Let me toss your salad. I'm, I'm Bill-samic vinaigrette
2019-03-09 False False Lay me down for a triple word score. I'm Scra-Bill
2019-03-16 False False Stay classy, San Diego
2019-03-30 False False Complete and total excitation. It's the Biller Report
2019-04-06 False False Hey there EDM fans, get ready for some Billex
2019-04-13 False False Remember the Bill-amo
2019-04-20 True False Hey there, DeNiro. Get a load of me, Raging Bill
2019-04-27 False False Hey Thanos, forget the Infinity Stones, listen to my Infinity Tones
2019-05-04 False False Hey Arthur Miller, step into this Cruci-Bill
2019-05-11 False False Forget about Bill Barr, come to the bar with me
2019-05-18 False False Is it hot in here? I blame glo-Bill warming
2019-05-25 False False I'm your evil twin
2019-06-01 True False Hey, everybody. Gather in front of me and prepare to salute; because, it's the Triumph of the Bill
2019-06-08 False False Hey, Steph Curry. Try spinning ol' basket-Bill on your finger
2019-06-15 False False Sleep tight, baby. You're about to get a dose of Bill-atonin
2019-06-22 False False Ask not for whom the bell tolls. Ask for whom the Bill tolls
2019-06-29 False False It's always sunny in Bill-adelphia
2019-07-06 True False Check out these fireworks. Ooh. Ah. Bill
2019-07-13 False False Take a look at my horns, Pamplona. It's the running of the Bills
2019-07-20 False False Forget about LeBron, you've got LeBill
2019-07-27 False False It's alright Zack Morris. You're saved by the Bill
2019-08-03 False False You don't need a landline, you got a mo-Bill
2019-08-10 False False You wait here, I'm gonna slip into something more comforta-Bill
2019-08-17 True False Take me to the beach and toss me around. I'm your fris-Bill
2019-08-24 True False Say what you want Bernie Sanders, you'll never take down this Bill-ionaire
2019-08-31 False False Hey there Senators, come sit on Capitol Bill
2019-09-07 False False Take a gulp of me and I'll give you wings. I'm Red Bill
2019-09-14 False False Hey there, Jersey. Bada-boom, bada-Bill
2019-09-21 False False Pack your bags, you're going on a Billy holiday
2019-09-28 False False That's me in your ear. You're getting a wet Billy
2019-10-05 False False When you want your flower pollinated, I'll be your bum-Bill bee
2019-10-26 False False Utah. Me Bill
2019-11-02 False False It's cold out there. Put this Bill-aclava on your face
2019-11-09 False False Pssst! Wanna know a secret? I'm a whistle-Bill-er
2019-11-16 False False Move over, Virginia. Bill is for lovers
2019-11-23 False False I'm not a turkey; but, I still say "Gobble, gobble, gob-Bill"
2019-11-30 True False Doorbuster, make way for Bill-buster
2019-12-07 False False Want to see your future? Look into old crystal Bill
2019-12-14 False False This message will self-destruct in five seconds. It's Mission: Impossi-Bill
2019-12-21 False False Drei-Bill, drei-Bill, drei-Bill. I made you out of clay
2019-12-28 True False Hey Time Square, count to ten. I'm your New Year's Eve Bill drop
2020-01-04 True False Hey, reset your clocks. It's a new Bill-ennium
2020-01-11 False False Hey, Mister Rogers, come over to the land of make Bill-ieve
2020-01-18 False False Grab a spoon, you're about to have a big ol' bowl of Bill-ognese
2020-01-25 False False Is this heaven? No. It's
2020-02-01 False False Billie Eilish may have five Grammys, but Billy Kurtis is your only grampy
2020-02-08 False False Hey, Iowa. I'm the only candidate that's via-Bill
2020-02-15 False False Hey, coronavirus, you can't touch me. I've got a clean Bill of health
2020-02-22 True False When I'm President, we'll meet in the O-Bill Office
2020-02-29 False False Hey, mountain climbers. Summit this. I'm Mount Bill-imanjaro
2020-03-07 False False Get quarantined in my state room. I'm your Carni-Bill cruise
2020-03-14 False False Don't touch your face. Touch my face
2020-03-21 False False Don't worry, I'm not communica-Bill
2020-03-28 False False Stimulus bill? I'm a stimulating Bill
2020-04-04 False False Stay six feet away from my body, but snuggle right up to my heart
2020-04-11 False False It's Passover. Get ready for a plague of Bills
2020-04-18 False False You're not feeling ill. You're feeling Bill
2020-04-25 False False Uh-oh. It's a glo-Bill pandemic
2020-05-02 False False Tastes great, more Bill-ing
2020-05-09 False False I am the egg man. I am the Kurtis
2020-05-16 False False Got COVID? Don't worry. You're about to get a hot Bill injection
2020-05-23 False False The secret's out. I'm the Zodiac Biller
2020-05-30 True False It's a great day for a road trip. Go ahead and put my top down. I'm your converti-Bill
2020-06-06 False False Hey, everybody. Don't call in the military. Call in the Bill-itary
2020-06-13 False False Hey there, summer. Don't forget me! I'm your backyard Bill-becue
2020-06-20 False False Hey, everybody. Come outside and play me, Ultimate Fris-Bill!
2020-06-27 False False Forget about Chuck E. Cheese. Put your quarters in me and play skee-Bill
2020-07-04 True False Everybody remember, when you go out, where a mask and follow social distancing. It's just common Bill courtesy
2020-07-11 False False Gym's still closed? Go for a job on me, your tread-Bill
2020-07-18 False False Getting married? Put me on your registry, a nice set of Bill-verware
2020-07-25 False False Somebody's knocking at the door. Somebody's ringing the Bill
2020-08-01 False False Hey there babies, fall asleep to me. I'm your lulla-Bill
2020-08-08 False False Good to meet ya, daddy. I'm your Bill-egitimate child
2020-08-15 True False It's summertime and the Bill-in' is easy
2020-08-22 True False Need someone to put lotion on your back? Let me be your cabana Bill
2020-08-29 False False Hey there, Charlie. Step into my chocolate factory. I'm Billy Wonka
2020-09-05 False False Get out your pancakes. I'm about to pour on some ma-Bill syrup
2020-09-12 False False Get a real job, Sweeny Todd. I'm the Barber of Sa-Bill
2020-09-19 False False Chew me up and blow a bub-Bill
2020-09-26 False False Why not celebrate fall with me, a cup of hot a-Bill cider
2020-10-03 False False Who needs Ted? How about Bill's Excellent Adventure?
2020-10-10 False False Forget about the debate, you got de-Bill
2020-10-17 True False I'm not going to settle in and spend time with you. It's just a Curtis-y visit
2020-10-24 False False Hey there, Mom. Get a load of this Bill-th
2020-10-31 False False Don't worry about your mail-in ballot. You've got me, your mail-in Bill-ot
2020-11-07 False False Who needs a blue wave, check out this Bill wave
2020-11-14 False False Poke my belly. I'm the Bill-sbury Dough Boy
2020-11-21 False False You know what's longer than a mile? A Bill-ometer
2020-11-28 True False Wait for me, Mayflower! I'm a Thanksgiving Bill-grim
2020-12-05 False False Hey, Peter. Cut me. I'm your um-Bill-ical cord
2020-12-12 False False Bring the beef! You're about to gt a big plate of spaghetti Bill-ognese
2020-12-19 False False Jingle Bills, jingle Bills, jingle all the Bills
2020-12-26 True False Do you hear what I hear? I hear me!
2021-01-02 True False 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! It's the New Year's Bill drop
2021-01-09 False False Hey, now. Don't storm the Capitol. Storm me, the Capi-Bill!
2021-01-16 False False Like Ma Bell, I got the Bill communications
2021-01-30 False False Sorry, Buffalo. I guess only certain Bills are winners
2021-02-06 False False Hey, Marjorie Taylor Greene. Forget about the deep state. Worry about the deep voice
2021-02-13 False False Another pun about my name? Inexcusa-Bill!
2021-02-20 True False Hey, Rose. Forget about Jack. Near, far, wherever you are, your heart Bill go on
2021-02-27 False False Hey, Little Miss Muffet. How about some Kurtis and whey?
2021-03-06 False False Hey there, Billie Eilish. Do a duet with me, Billy Kurtish
2021-03-13 False False I'm your area of interest. I'm your Bill-iwick
2021-03-20 False False Hey there, foodies. Try tipping 20% on this Bill
2021-03-27 False False Calm down. What's all the hulla-Bill-loo about?
2021-04-03 True False I'm the man who will subsidize your crops this year. I'm the Farm Bill
2021-04-10 False False Hey there, MLB. Why not play me? An All-Star Game of base-Bill
2021-04-17 False False Forget your other systems of algebraic notation. Get some Bill-ean logic
2021-04-24 False False Half lab, half poodle, half man. I'm a Labradoo-Bill
2021-05-01 False False The clock is ticking, so don't Billy-dally
2021-05-08 False False Hey there, Melinda. Why not try this Bill for a change?
2021-05-15 False False You can either be bellicose or you can keep Billy close
2021-05-22 False False Lactose intolerant? Try me instead, delicious 2% Bilk
2021-05-29 False False Uh-oh. You're in trouble. Head to the princi-Bill's office
2021-06-05 True False It's June and the weather is heating up. Get ready for a hot summer in the Billy
2021-06-12 False False Betcha can't break me. I'm indestructi-Bill
2021-06-19 False False Get ready for a nutcracker. You're going to the Bill-et
2021-06-26 False False Muhahahahaha! I'm a super Bill-ain
2021-07-03 False False Watch out! I'm about to go Bill-istic
2021-07-10 True False Hey, worried about the heavy hand of the government? I got you, baby. I'm your Bill of Rights
2021-07-17 False False Up, up and away on me! I'm your beautiful Bill-oon
2021-07-24 False False Light that torch! It's time for the Bill-ympics
2021-07-31 False False Pop the Prosecco and squeeze those peaches. We're making Bill-inis
2021-08-07 False False Hey there, Ben Franklin. Invent me! I'm a pair of Bill-focals
2021-08-14 True False Hey, you've put in the work and watched what you ate. Time to show off your beach-Billy
2021-08-21 True False Hey, jolly swag man. How about you try Waltzing Ma-Bill-da
2021-09-04 False False Hey there, Homer. Get a load of the Bill-iad
2021-09-11 False False Hey there, Chicago. We Bill this city, we Bill this city on rock and roll
2021-09-18 False False Feeling blue? Take a dose of A-Bill-ifi
2021-09-25 False False Hey there, Internet. Review my new album. I'm Bill Nas X
2021-10-02 False False America, Bill back better. Bill front best
2021-10-09 False False Hey there, Joe Manchin. Vote for me and I'll be your infrastructure Bill
2021-10-16 True False Put your sweater on because the weather's getting autumn-Bill
2021-10-23 False False Limber up! You're about to do Bill-ates
2021-10-30 False False Hey there, trick-or-treater. Hide you Dalmations, I'm Cruella de Bill
2021-11-06 False False I'm the man who loves you. I'm Bill-co
2021-11-13 False False Look on the bright side with me. I'm a Bill-ver lining
2021-11-20 False False Hey there, nerds. I'm a non-fungi-Bill token
2021-11-27 True False Hey, everybody. Join me for a feast celebrating our good fortune in the new world. I'm a Bill-grim
2021-12-04 False False Come on in, Microsoft nerds, cuz we're about to open the Bill gates
2021-12-11 False False Roll up that sleeve, you're about to get your Bill-ster shot
2021-12-18 False False Ho-ho-ho! Merry Kurtis-mas! I'm Santa Bill Kurtis
2021-12-25 True False Hey Wise Men, try these gifts of the Magi: gold, frankincense and Kyrrh-tis
2022-01-01 True False I'm the man whose New Year's resolution is to be more legendary
2022-01-08 False False Look at my downward dog. I'm flexi-Bill
2022-01-15 False False It's time we end the filibuster and begin the Bill-ibuster
2022-01-22 False False You can keep your criminis, it's time for a porta-Bill-o
2022-01-29 False False Stand back! I'm flammi-Bill
2022-02-05 False False Can you hear me, Chicago? Or, do you need another deci-Bill?
2022-02-12 False False Bi-curious? How about Bill Kurtious?
2022-02-19 False False There's nothing seedy about an under-Billy
2022-02-26 True False It's definitely good to have more taste, but nobody wants less Bill-ing
2022-03-12 False False Quit your bellyaching and start your Billy-aching
2022-03-19 False False Forget about March Madness, try some March Kurtis
2022-03-26 False False You're about to get defamed. I'm committing li-Bill
2022-04-02 False False Need a little color in your life? I'm ROYG-Bill
2022-04-09 False False Me quote The Princess Bridge? Inconceiva-Bill!
2022-04-16 True False It must be spring, because the daffo-Bills are blooming
2022-04-23 False False Hey down there. Look out Bill-ow!
2022-04-30 False False I've been to several Super Bowls. I'm Buffalo Bill
2022-05-07 False False Forget Barcelona. You're going to Bill-bao
2022-05-14 False False Hey there, newlyweds. Here comes Pachel-Bill's Canon
2022-05-21 False False Let's do this deal all cash, all the ta-Bill
2022-05-28 False False You'll never escape Bill-catraz
2022-06-04 True False I'm the pamphlet that tells you the star you came to see won't be performing tonight. I'm the play-Bill
2022-06-11 False False Let me take those suitcases for you. You got a Bill-hop
2022-06-18 False False Goo-goo ga-ga boo-bop gee-gee. Listen to be bab-Bill
2022-06-25 False False Bueller? Bueller? Bill-er!
2022-07-02 False False Get ready for some east coast swing because Motown Billy's back again
2022-07-09 True False Ooh! Ahh! Check out all these fireworks. I'm your grand Bill-nale
2022-07-16 False False I'm ready for my close up. I'm on the Sunset Bill-lebard
2022-07-23 False False Watch out Squirtle, here comes Bill-basaur
2022-07-30 False False Wake up the Bill-hive. It's a new track from Bill-yoncé
2022-08-06 False False Bail reform now! Bill reform never!
2022-08-13 True False I'm the music festival all the cool kids wanna attend. I'm Lolla-Bill-ooza
2022-08-20 True False Grab your bros and meet me on the quad. We're playing spike-Bill
2022-08-27 False False Enough of the Beltway. Step inside the Bill-way
2022-09-03 False False Slap me on your funny pages. It's time to play with Billy Putty
2022-09-10 False False Want to go really fast? Take the Bill-et train
2022-09-17 False False Slather on that belly jelly. It's time for your Bill-trasound
2022-09-24 False False Dou-Bill, dou-Bill, toil and trou-Bill. It's me, Mac-Bill
2022-10-01 False False Take it easy. I'm just busting your Bills
2022-10-08 False False Who cares about the those other medals. You just won the No-Bill Prize
2022-10-15 True False I'm that show about New York financiers you don't watch because it's on Showtime. I'm Bill-ions
2022-10-22 False False Hey, Boston. How do you like them apples? It's Good Bill Hunting
2022-10-29 False False No tricks here. It's all treats. Happy Bill-oween!
2022-11-05 False False Take a vacation with me. We'll call it a Bill-ie Holiday
2022-11-12 False False Chris Evans may be the People's Sexiest Man Alive; but, I'll always be the Bill-iest
2022-11-19 False False Hey there, ponies. Come on over to Church-Bill Downs
2022-11-26 True False I've come to your land from far away to create a new country. I'm a Bill-grim
2022-12-03 False False Some say "soccer", I say "foot-Bill"
2022-12-10 False False Welcome to the Big Ap-Bill
2022-12-17 False False I'm not Gen Z, I'm Gen B
2022-12-31 True False You've heard of Elf on the Shelf. Get your windows ready for Bill on the Sill
2023-01-14 False False I'll be a butterfly some day. I'm a very hungry cater-Bill-ar now
2023-01-21 False False Who am I wearing? Bill-enciaga, of course
2023-01-28 False False Crack into this cold one. I'm a refreshing Bill-er Lite
2023-02-04 False False Squeeze your peaches. We're having Bill-inis
2023-02-11 False False Forget about the Eagles and Chiefs, I'll be your Super Bill
2023-02-18 False False Bravo! Bravo! Bill-issimo!
2023-02-25 True False It's our 25th year on air. Which means, it's our Bill-ver anniversary
2023-03-04 False False Hey SZA, don't kill this Bill
2023-03-11 False False I am the voice of God. The one he has on his voicemail
2023-03-18 False False I'm not an anchorman. I'm an anchor-gentleman
2023-03-25 False False The voice that makes men weep and public radio listeners pledge
2023-04-01 False False I'm legendary anchorman, or for you vegans, you legen-non-dairy achorman
2023-04-08 True False I'm the guy who can say anything and make it sound like breaking news. I've got a License to Bill
2023-04-15 False False It's a bird. It's a plane. It's me, Anchorman
2023-04-22 False False Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask, "What's that beautiful sound?" Oh, it's my voice
2023-04-29 False False Who's got a hankerman for some anchorman?
2023-05-06 False False No coronation necessary. You know who the real king is
2023-05-13 False False Are you there God? It's me
2023-05-20 False False I'm the disembodied voice with a disembody that just won't quit
2023-05-27 False False Po'boy? I'm a po'man. A po'anchorman
2023-06-03 True False Who needs a beach bod when you've got this Bill bod?
2023-06-10 False False NPR policy says: when I'm a bad anchorman, I get a spanker man
2023-06-17 False False I'm the studly baker at the Studebaker
2023-06-24 False False Good news, everyone. Not only is my voice beautiful, it also repels mosquitoes
2023-07-01 False False Rub-a-dub-dub, I'm an anchorman in a tub
2023-07-08 True False I'm the voice Thomas Jefferson heard in his head when he wrote the "Declaration of Independence"
2023-07-15 False False I'm your new summer blockbuster, "Mission: Impossi-Bill"
2023-07-22 False False I'm the voice so deep you can do a cannonball in it
2023-07-29 False False I'm no anchorman. I'm an anchor-god
2023-08-05 False False I've got three reasons you should keep listening: Bill Freaking Kurtis
2023-08-12 True False Still working on your summer tan? Just lie close to the radio and let my voice bronze you
2023-08-19 True False I'm letting you know it's time for our radio show. I'm your Kurtis-y call
2023-08-26 False False I'm the voice so beautiful a sea witch once tried to take it from me in exchange for legs
2023-09-02 False False Me in Michigan? You got your wish-igan
2023-09-09 False False Call the plumber, because I've got some pipes
2023-09-16 False False I'm the voice that makes thunder hide under a blanket
2023-09-23 False False I'm legendary anchorman, and today only, I'm legendary birthday boy
2023-09-30 False False Hoorah for Bill-ywood
2023-10-07 False False I don't mansplain, I anchrmansplain
2023-10-14 True False I'm the ghostly anchorman, Boo Kurtis
2023-10-21 False False This voice isn't just melliflous, it's Bill-ifluous
2023-10-28 False False Carve out my insides amnd put a candle in me. I'm a Bill-o'-Lantern
2023-11-11 False False I'm the voice so beautiful, I can walk into any grocery store and use the intercom without asking
2023-11-18 False False I'm your Maine squeeze
2023-11-25 True False I'm the guy who makes a black hat with a buckle look sexy. I'm your Bill-grim
2023-12-02 False False Is that angel singing in three-part harmony? No, it's just me, Bill Kurtis
2023-12-09 False False Happy Chanukah. Light the anchorman-orah
2023-12-16 False False Take a bite out of me. I'm the Big App-Bill
2023-12-23 False False The weather outside is frightful, but my voice is so delightful
2023-12-30 True False I'm the spirit of Christmas who visits you at midnight and then ends up staying for breakfast
2024-01-06 True False I'm the anchorman everyone wants to kiss when the ball drops
2024-01-13 False False Don't worry Patriot fans, I'll be your new coach. Call Me Bill Bill-ichick
2024-01-20 False False Don't go out in the cold. Stay inside and curl up in front of my voice
2024-02-03 False False Hey Milwaukee, time to hear Bill-talk-ee
2024-02-10 False False Are you ready for some foot-Bill?
2024-02-17 False False When Peter's Away, Billy will play
2024-03-02 False False Now that Bill's here, it's Austin City No Limits
2024-03-09 False False My voice is so loud, they named the deci-Bill after me
2024-03-23 False False Hey Mario and Luigi get a load of these pipes
2024-03-30 True False I'm the man with a voice so rich and smooth, you're not allowed to listen on Good Friday
2024-04-06 False False Throw out your Q-tips, let me voice clean out your ears
2024-04-13 False False City of Steel, meet Voice of Gold
Show Date Best Of Repeat Introduction

Chioke I'Anson

Show Date Best Of Repeat Introduction
2019-01-12 False False I'm one of the legendary voices of the NPR credits
2019-03-23 False False I am one of the voices of NPR's credits
2019-10-12 False False One of the voices of the NPR credits and the only voice of your NPR dreams
2019-10-19 True False I'm the man who makes the NPR Wine Club sound sexy
2021-01-23 False False The voice of the NPR credits and the reason you have a weird crush on Progressive Insurance
2021-08-28 False False The voice of the NPR credits and the man who makes you wish Fidelity Insurance was Infidelity Insurance
2022-03-05 False False I just got off the midnight train to Georgia
2023-01-07 True False I'm the old acquaintance that should never be forgot
2024-01-27 False False I'm the man who's been making the NPR Wine Club sound cool since 2022
2024-02-24 True False I'm the man with a voice so smooth, rich people pay big bucks just to hear me say their name on NPR
Show Date Best Of Repeat Introduction