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Not My Job Scoring Exceptions

This report provides a list of Not My Job guests that have a scoring exception that allowed them to win the prize for the listener contestant, even though they didn't score the required 2 or more points. An exception is also noted if the guest was awarded all 3 points no matter their actual score.

Guest Show Date Score Show Notes
Audra McDonald 2021-12-04 1

The show was recorded remotely.

Audra McDonald initially chose "A" for the third Not My Job question but changed her answer to "C", which was the correct answer. Even though Audra only answered one question correct, Bill Kurtis announced that she was a winner.

Bernie Parent 2017-07-01 3

Even though Bernie Parent answered two of three questions correct, Bill Kurtis gave him credit for all three. The second panelist round featured a correction and addressing items from letters and comments that they received from listeners regarding the previous show.

Buzz Aldrin 2013-06-15 3

Even though Buzz Aldrin only answered one Not My Job question correct, Bill Kurtis decided to give Buzz all three correct. This isn't the first time that either the host or the scorekeeper overruled and allowed the Not My Job guest to win the prize for the listener even though the guest didn't answer 2 or 3 questions correctly. The last time was on 2005-06-25, in which Maj. Robert Bateman didn't answer the first two Not My Job questions correctly, in which Peter gave an exception and said if Maj. Robert Bateman answered the third question correctly, he would win the prize and promptly did so.

Christine Baranski 2020-05-02 1

The show was recorded remotely.

Even though Christine Baranski only answered one question correctly, Bill Kurtis said that they were going to make a winner; with, Peter Sagal saying that they should give her a point for her singing.

Joel Kim Booster notched his first win on the show.

Dakota Johnson 2023-12-02 1

After Dakota Johnson incorrectly answered the first two Not My Job questions, Peter Sagal made the third question an all-or-nothing where Dakota would win if she correctly answered the question. Dakota answered the question correctly and won the voicemail greeting for the listener contestant.

In the edited version of the show, only five of Alonzo Bodden's Lightning Fill-in-the-Blank questions were included. Of those five questions, Alonzo answered four correct; meaning, the fifth correct answer would have been for one of the three questions that were edited out. The listed score for Alonzo is based on what Bill Kurtis stated on the show.

Dame Karen Pierce 2020-10-03 3

The show was recorded remotely.

Peter Sagal gave a sidenote before the start of the Not My Job segment stating that it was recorded before the news that President Trump had been infected by COVID-19.

Even though Dame Karen Pierce only answered one question correct, Bill Kurtis gave her all 3 points. Peter said that it was a form of diplomatic immunity.

In the version of the show that I pulled from NPR's podcast feed, Jessi Klein's answer to her 8th Lightning round question wasn't heard in the edited version of the show. It went from Peter asking the question, the round-ending gong sound, and then Peter Sagal saying "No, a free grave".

NPR sent out a message to member stations stating that a new audio segment was posted to their portal to corrected the above issue. Hat tip to Gregg Porter at KUOW for providing an update on this.

David Oyelowo 2024-01-20 3

After Peter Sagal read the choices for David Oyelowo's second Not My Job question, the audience shouted out "B" while David chose "C". Faith Salie provided a hint that the correct answer was "B". David changed his answer to "B", which was correct. Someone in the audience shouted out "A" after Peter read the choices for the third Not My Job question, which David chose and was correct.

When Peter asked Bill Kurtis how David did, Bill said, "In the final tally, I think David's got all three" even though David only answered two correct. An exception has been noted.

Jameela Jamil 2020-07-11 1

The show was recorded remotely.

Jameela Jamil only answered one of the three Not My Job questions correctly; but, Bill Kurtis gave Jameela the win.

After Peter Sagal stated the correct answer to Maeve Higgins' first Lightning Fill-in-the-Blank question, which was the WHO, Maeve responded with "Who?". Peter feel for Maeve's joke by saying the organization's full name.

James Comey 2018-07-21 2

Mo Rocca suggested the name "nut juice" as a replacement for nut or seed-based milk products, now that the FDA has ruled that they can no longer be called "milk". The suggestion did not really go over that well.

James Comey initially chose "A" for the third Not My Job question; but, Peter Sagal then gave him a big clue of what the correct answer was. James responded with "I meant to say I wouldn't take 'A';" in reference to what President Trump in response to him having "misspoken" about Russia's interfering in the 2016 U.S. elections. Since James only answered one Not My Job question correctly, Peter pulled out another Not My Job question for him to answer; in which, James answered it correctly and won. Since he won with an additional question, an exception has been noted in the database.

Maj. Robert Bateman 2005-06-25 1

When Maj. Robert Bateman didn't answer the first or second Not My Job question correctly, Peter said that if Maj. Bateman could answer the third question correctly that he would win the voice answering machine message for the listener contestant. Maj. Bateman answered the third question correctly.

Mark and Jay Duplass 2016-02-13 3

During the first panelist round, Mo Rocca asked for a hint and one thing that Roxanne Roberts mentioned was an itchy sweater. Seven years ago, on the show that aired on 2009-02-21, Mo Rocca made a comment about how homemade sweaters were always itchy. This lead to an ongoing saga in which fans wrote in complaining and eventually making a sweater for Mo Rocca.

Maz Jobrani had some fun plying his funny accents on the show again, this time a German accent during the Bluff the Listener round.

For the third Not My Job question, Jay and Mark split their answers, A and C respectively. The correct answer was "A" and Bill did count that has a third correct answer, but with an asterisk. Even without counting it correctly, Mark and Jay still answered two questions correctly to win.

Padma Lakshmi 2020-07-25 2

The show was recorded remotely.

Padma Lakshmi only answered one of the Not My Job questions correct. Bill Kurtis gave Padma an extra point for "bringing such spice to our show" and thus the win. The score reflects the additional point and the scoring exception has been noted.

Patrick Fitzgerald 2007-07-21 1

After Patrick Fitzgerald was not able to answer two or more Not My Job questions correctly, an "appeal" was filed and Patrick won the game even with only one correct answer.

Richard E. Grant 2019-02-02 1

For the 3rd Not My Job question, Richard E. Grant stuck with his answer of "B" even after Peter questioning his choice and jeering from the audience. When Peter Sagal asked how Richard did, Bill Kurtis said he would give Richard the win, in part for starring with Chicago-native Melissa McCarthy. The exception has been noted.

After Maeve Higgins gave her answer to her first Lightning Fill-in-the-Blank question and Peter saying that the correct answer was "Iran", Maeve then said "Iran" in hopes of getting the point. Maeve would then repeat the "Iran" answer for the second question, which was not correct.

Stephen Colbert 2017-02-11 3

Due to weather, both Bill Kurtis and the planned Not My Job guest, Lena Dunham, could not make it; so, Glynn Washington stepped in as guest judge and scorekeeper and Stephen Colbert stepped in as the Not My Job guest.

During the first Panel Round, Mo Rocca took umbrage that Peter Grosz got a point for his, not-quite-on-the-spot answer. Peter Grosz said he didn't deserve the point. Peter Sagal quipped back saying that, off all people, Mo shouldn't be complaining. Glynn Washington stated that he would give the point to Peter Grosz.

The Not My Job segment started off differently in that Stephen Colbert had to first guess who he was stepping in for as Not My Job guest. Although Stephen Colbert did not correctly answer the third, proper, Not My Job question, Glynn Washington still gave him the point. The last time there was an exception made for the Not My Job round was almost exactly one year earlier on the 2016-02-13 show.

During the second Panel Round, Glynn Washington said that he would take away a point from Mo Rocca for making a bris pizza joke. Mo Rocca would then "get" that point back during the Lightning Fill-in-the-Blank segment for his eighth answer, which involved the Brexit. That said, Mo Rocca entered the Lightning round with 2 points, answered six correctly and came out with 14 points. If Mo Rocca had actually lost a point earlier and actually entered the segment with 2 points, Mo would have had a total of 15 points (14 plus the one point re-instated).

Susan Stamberg 1998-05-02 0

This marks Peter Sagal's first show as the new show host, replacing Dan Coffey.

This show introduces the Not My Job segment where a guest has to guess the correct answer to three questions. Unlike the current version of the segment, the questions are not multiple choice. Susan Stamberg had an assist from Roxanne Roberts for the third question and Carl Kasell would grant Susan a point. Peter would later say on the show that aired on May 30, 1998 that Susan had scored zero points. Susan scoring zero points would have future implications; thus, Susan's score of zero has been entered and an exception will be noted.

For the first We'll Wait, You Tell Us, the listener contestant chose Charlie Pierce's answer, which was correct.

For News Etymology, the listener contestant chose Roxanne's answer, which was correct.

Tituss Burgess 2020-09-19 0

The show was recorded remotely.

Tituss Burgess didn't realize that Paula Poundstone was one of the panelists and was shocked to find out during the Not My Job interview. Although Tituss Burgess did not answer any of the Not My Job questions correct, Bill Kurtis said that Tituss was a winner on style alone.

Woody Hoburg 2022-01-08 3

The show was recorded remotely.

Before the Bluff the Listener and the second Panel Round, Bill Kurtis introduced Peter Sagal as "Bert Sagal" to keep from confusing either Peter Sagal or Peter Grosz.

Woody Hoburg initially answered "A" for the first Not My Job question, but Peter Sagal hinted that it might not be the correct answer. Woody then changed his answer to "B", but the correct answer was actually "C". For the second Not My Job question, Woody initially answered "B," but the panelists, especially Roxanna Roberts, nudged him to "A," which was the correct answer. When Peter Sagal asked Bill how Woody did, Bill gave Woody all three points.

Peter Sagal closed out the show with "I'm Burt Sagal. And, we'll see you next week."

Guest Show Date Score Show Notes