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Not My Job Three Pointers

List of all of the Not My Job guests who answered all three Not My Job questions correctly or were awarded all three points.

Guest Show Date Scorekeeper Score Scoring Exception Show Notes
Abby Wambach 2012-10-27 Carl Kasell 3 False  
Adam Savage 2008-05-10 Carl Kasell 3 False  
Al Gore 2013-02-16 Carl Kasell 3 False  
Al Roker 2018-01-20 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Alicia Silverstone 2014-05-31 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Aly Raisman 2018-09-22 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
André de Shields 2021-04-24 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Andy Cohen 2014-11-22 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Andy Richter 2017-10-07 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Anna Konkle 2021-06-19 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Apollo Robbins 2013-03-23 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Aubrey Plaza 2017-07-15 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Austan Goolsbee 2018-03-10 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Bashir and Sultan Salahuddin 2021-12-11 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Bernie Parent 2017-07-01 Bill Kurtis 3 True Even though Bernie Parent answered two of three questions correct, Bill Kurtis gave him credit for all three. The second panelist round featured a correction and addressing items from letters and comments that they received from listeners regarding the previous show.
Bill "Spaceman" Lee 2016-09-03 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Bill Clinton 2011-06-25 Carl Kasell 3 False  
Bonnie Raitt 2012-09-08 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Bowen Yang 2021-09-25 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Brian Cox 2022-01-22 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Bryan Cranston 2020-08-08 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Buzz Aldrin 2013-06-15 Bill Kurtis 3 True Even though Buzz Aldrin only answered one Not My Job question correct, Bill Kurtis decided to give Buzz all three correct. This isn't the first time that either the host or the scorekeeper overruled and allowed the Not My Job guest to win the prize for the listener even though the guest didn't answer 2 or 3 questions correctly. The last time was on 2005-06-25, in which Maj. Robert Bateman didn't answer the first two Not My Job questions correctly, in which Peter gave an exception and said if Maj. Robert Bateman answered the third question correctly, he would win the prize and promptly did so.
Cecily Strong 2020-08-29 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Chancelor "Chance the Rapper" Bennett 2021-11-06 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Charles Bolden 2016-07-23 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Charley Pride 2017-03-25 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Chris Kluwe 2012-09-29 Carl Kasell 3 False  
Chris Matthews 2005-09-03 Carl Kasell 3 False  
Chris Paul 2007-09-15 Carl Kasell 3 False  
Cindi Leive 2009-01-24 Carl Kasell 3 False  
Clay Aiken 2015-05-23 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Craig Finn 2010-07-24 Carl Kasell 3 False  
Dame Karen Pierce 2020-10-03 Bill Kurtis 3 True The show was recorded remotely. Peter Sagal gave a sidenote before the start of the Not My Job segment stating that it was recorded before the news that President Trump had been infected by COVID-19. Even though Dame Karen Pierce only answered one question correct, Bill Kurtis gave her all 3 points. Peter said that it was a form of diplomatic immunity. In the version of the show that I pulled from NPR's podcast feed, Jessi Klein's answer to her 8th Lightning round question wasn't heard in the edited version of the show. It went from Peter asking the question, the round-ending gong sound, and then Peter Sagal saying "No, a free grave". NPR sent out a message to member stations stating that a new audio segment was posted to their portal to corrected the above issue. Hat tip to Gregg Porter at KUOW for providing an update on this.
Dan Snow 2022-03-26 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
David Cross 2012-01-14 Carl Kasell 3 False  
David Kestenbaum 2000-02-05 Carl Kasell 3 False  
Dennis Kucinich 2007-05-26 Carl Kasell 3 False  
Ed Begley Jr. 2021-11-13 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Ed Gillespie 2004-08-14 Carl Kasell 3 False  
El-P and Killer Mike of Run The Jewels 2017-01-28 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Elizabeth Edwards 2009-06-20 Carl Kasell 3 False  
Ellie Kemper 2018-10-06 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Erykah Badu 2013-02-09 Carl Kasell 3 False  
Fiona Ritchie 2002-02-23 Carl Kasell 3 False  
George Romero 2009-10-31 Carl Kasell 3 False  
Gillian Flynn 2013-07-13 Carl Kasell 3 False  
Gregg Easterbrook 2002-01-26 Carl Kasell 3 False  
Greta Gerwig 2017-12-02 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Harry Shearer 2006-11-18 Carl Kasell 3 False  
Hugh Bonneville 2012-12-08 Carl Kasell 3 False  
Itzhak Perlman 2014-03-29 Carl Kasell 3 False  
Jackie Joyner-Kersee 2013-06-29 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Jake Tapper 2015-10-31 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Jane Scott 2003-04-05 Carl Kasell 3 False  
Jeff Daniels 2015-12-05 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Jeff Greenfield 2004-03-20 Carl Kasell 3 False  
Jeremy O. Harris 2022-01-29 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Jewel 2015-09-26 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Jim Morris 2001-04-07 Carl Kasell 3 False  
Jimmy Breslin 2004-09-04 Carl Kasell 3 False  
Joe Buck 2016-11-12 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
John Hickenlooper 2017-04-08 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Jon Hamm 2018-09-29 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Jon Tester 2015-01-31 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Jonathan Adler 2015-05-02 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
José Andrés 2019-08-31 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Julia Sweeney 2007-04-14 Carl Kasell 3 False  
Julie McCarthy 2000-06-10 Carl Kasell 3 False  
Kal Penn 2013-04-27 Carl Kasell 3 False  
Katy Tur 2017-12-16 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Keke Palmer 2021-12-18 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Ken Jennings 2006-02-25 Carl Kasell 3 False  
Kevin Fitzgerald 2007-08-11 Carl Kasell 3 False  
Kevin Kwan 2018-11-03 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Kevin Smith 2007-09-22 Carl Kasell 3 False  
Krysten Ritter 2018-01-27 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Kurt Elling 2012-02-11 Carl Kasell 3 False  
Laird Hamilton 2019-04-27 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Lee Daniels 2017-09-23 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Liane Hansen 2000-07-08 Carl Kasell 3 False  
Loudon Wainwright III 2001-01-27 Carl Kasell 3 False  
Madeleine Brand 2000-04-01 Carl Kasell 3 False  
Mandy Patinkin and Kathryn Grody 2021-01-23 Chioke I'Anson 3 False  
Maria Konnikova 2020-07-18 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Mark and Jay Duplass 2016-02-13 Bill Kurtis 3 True During the first panelist round, Mo Rocca asked for a hint and one thing that Roxanne Roberts mentioned was an itchy sweater. Seven years ago, on the show that aired on 2009-02-21, Mo Rocca made a comment about how homemade sweaters were always itchy. This lead to an ongoing saga in which fans wrote in complaining and eventually making a sweater for Mo Rocca. Maz Jobrani had some fun plying his funny accents on the show again, this time a German accent during the Bluff the Listener round. For the third Not My Job question, Jay and Mark split their answers, A and C respectively. The correct answer was "A" and Bill did count that has a third correct answer, but with an asterisk. Even without counting it correctly, Mark and Jay still answered two questions correctly to win.
Mary Engelbreit 2002-01-12 Carl Kasell 3 False  
Matt Walsh 2022-04-09 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Maz Jobrani 2010-07-31 Carl Kasell 3 False  
Michael Giacchino 2016-12-24 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Mikaela Shiffrin 2014-07-12 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Mike D'Antoni 2019-01-12 Chioke I'Anson 3 False  
Myles Stubblefield 2022-04-30 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Nancy Pelosi 2012-10-20 Carl Kasell 3 False  
Neal Brennan 2017-03-11 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Neal Pollack 2002-04-20 Carl Kasell 3 False  
Neil Gaiman 2011-12-24 Carl Kasell 3 False  
Nick Hitchon 2014-06-21 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Ozzie Smith 2019-05-11 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
P.J. O'Rourke 2001-09-22 Carl Kasell 3 False  
P.K. Subban 2021-10-30 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Patton Oswalt 2011-10-15 Korva Coleman 3 False  
Pete Buttigieg 2018-02-10 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Pete Docter 2009-12-05 Carl Kasell 3 False  
Peter Farrelly 2018-12-01 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Piper Kerman 2019-07-20 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Raphael Bob-Waksberg 2017-09-02 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Regina King 2019-10-12 Chioke I'Anson 3 False  
Renée Fleming 2019-10-19 Chioke I'Anson 3 False  
Robin and Brook Lopez 2021-11-20 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Ronan Farrow 2020-01-11 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Sam Kass 2012-06-09 Carl Kasell 3 False  
Scott Kelly 2017-11-04 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Scott McClellan 2008-06-14 Carl Kasell 3 False  
Sir Patrick Stewart 2014-12-13 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Stacey Abrams 2019-02-09 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Stephen Colbert 2017-02-11 Glynn Washington 3 True Due to weather, both Bill Kurtis and the planned Not My Job guest, Lena Dunham, could not make it; so, Glynn Washington stepped in as guest judge and scorekeeper and Stephen Colbert stepped in as the Not My Job guest. During the first Panel Round, Mo Rocca took umbrage that Peter Grosz got a point for his, not-quite-on-the-spot answer. Peter Grosz said he didn't deserve the point. Peter Sagal quipped back saying that, off all people, Mo shouldn't be complaining. Glynn Washington stated that he would give the point to Peter Grosz. The Not My Job segment started off differently in that Stephen Colbert had to first guess who he was stepping in for as Not My Job guest. Although Stephen Colbert did not correctly answer the third, proper, Not My Job question, Glynn Washington still gave him the point. The last time there was an exception made for the Not My Job round was almost exactly one year earlier on the 2016-02-13 show. During the second Panel Round, Glynn Washington said that he would take away a point from Mo Rocca for making a bris pizza joke. Mo Rocca would then "get" that point back during the Lightning Fill-in-the-Blank segment for his eighth answer, which involved the Brexit. That said, Mo Rocca entered the Lightning round with 2 points, answered six correctly and came out with 14 points. If Mo Rocca had actually lost a point earlier and actually entered the segment with 2 points, Mo would have had a total of 15 points (14 plus the one point re-instated).
Stephen Fry 2021-07-31 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Stephnie Weir 2002-04-06 Carl Kasell 3 False  
Steve Young 2016-10-29 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Susan Orlean 2011-12-03 Carl Kasell 3 False  
Sutton Foster 2016-01-16 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
T-Pain 2021-06-26 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Terry Gross 2015-07-11 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Tiera Fletcher 2019-07-13 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Tim Kaine 2019-11-16 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Tom and Ray Magliozzi 2001-03-10 Carl Kasell 3 False  
Tom Ricketts 2015-09-19 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Toni Braxton 2014-05-24 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Tony "The Goose" Siragusa 2011-01-08 Carl Kasell 3 False  
Tracy Letts 2020-02-08 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Vince Gill 2011-07-02 Carl Kasell 3 False  
Will Arnett 2020-02-29 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Win Butler 2017-09-09 Bill Kurtis 3 False  
Woody Hoburg 2022-01-08 Bill Kurtis 3 True The show was recorded remotely. Before the Bluff the Listener and the second Panel Round, Bill Kurtis introduced Peter Sagal as "Bert Sagal" to keep from confusing either Peter Sagal or Peter Grosz. Woody Hoburg initially answered "A" for the first Not My Job question, but Peter Sagal hinted that it might not be the correct answer. Woody then changed his answer to "B, but the correct answer was actually "C". For the second Not My Job question, Woody initially answered "B," but the panelists, especially Roxanna Roberts, nudged him to "A," which was the correct answer. When Peter Sagal asked Bill how Woody did, Bill gave Woody all three points. Peter Sagal closed out the show with "I'm Burt Sagal. And, we'll see you next week."
Guest Show Date Scorekeeper Score Scoring Exception Show Notes